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  Coder's Hub™

It is a hub for coders all around the world where they can show their stuff and chill with

  DayStride Official

This server is mainly focused around DayStrde. But You can join to have a chat with everyo

  ✨ Kanna's Kawaii Klu

hii, this is a cute and love community where there is only cute people chatting and playin

  Ray’s Realm

Welcome to Ray’s Realm! a realm just for you This MAGICAL server has tons of bri


Astronomical is a community built server which is looking for you to join! Why not join ou

  Spark Lounge

Join us if you want to win Free weekly giveaways or need support for Spark Bot or just wan

  Sparklybot ✨

This is the Official Support Server for Sparklybot ✨ but it's also really more then that!