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  InviteManagemen Online

The InviteManagement bot allows you to see who invited people that have joined your server

  Primo Online

A great multipurpose bot with a ton of fun, moderation, and music.


Hey this is the bot having so many commad's like social, leveling system, moderation, user

  Honii Online

Honii is a multipurpose bot created to keep your server alive.

  WiseBot Idle

Hey there! WiseBot is the perfect bot for you!

  RazoringMinds Dnd

RazoringMinds is a multipurpose bot developed with server owners in mind.

  Vade Online

With over 185 Commands available to the Public, this is one of the Best Bots to setup your

  Game Tracker Online

A bot that gets in-game stats from your favorite games.

  Kable Online

TikTok utilities for Discord. Get post notifications, view profiles, watch videos, and mor

  Beats Online

A music bot that allows you to kick back and relax whilst listening to your tunes!

  Jarvis Online

Jarvis is multifunctional bot that includes moderation, music, fun & images, setup...

  Birthday Bot Online

Keep track of member birthdays in your Discord!

  Slio Online

A multipurpose Discord bot that is packed with the latest features and commands

  Tavern Keeper Online

Tavern Keeper boats many features such as Image Manipulation, Moderation, Utilities and mo

  Protor Online

The official protor bot: Generate Protor Games

  drimbot Online

Multi-purpose ROBLOX Bot, where you can view player information, game info and other detai

  Render Bump Online

The simple solution to advertisement

  Anthem Online

An advanced bot with simple to use commands!

  Anata Online

Anata is a multi purpose bot that has moderation economy and anime commands.

  Reactify Online

A reaction role and role management bot to automate giving roles to users with easy to use

  Profanity Kille Online

The #1 tool to remove profanity from your Discord server.

  Velocity Online

An XP/levelling bot to reward your server members with reward roles.

  Eclipse Offline

Eclipse is a Moderation, Fun, Utility and Music Bot with plenty features. The Bot every Se

  Bump Buddy Online

Bump Buddy, the only bot you need to remind you to bump your server on Disboard!

  Jasmine Online

Jasmine provides a fun economy and RPG game where you can work every one hour to get coins

  uwuifier Online

A bot that translates english into weeb language. UwU

  Acuity Online

Acuity has multiple features such as AutoMod, levels, music, tickets and more! Stop spamme

  Zecrobuddy Online

Zecrobuddy is a multipurpose bot with a currency game, moderation and utility.

  BowBot Online

Bot de multifunciones con moderacion, bienvenidas personalizables y sistema de partners y

  Guildy Online

Guildy er en dansk bot, med fokus på moderation, sjov og sikkerhed.

  Painter Offline

Create free designs.

  Bread Winner B Online

A multiple purpose bot with font generators, stops ghost pings, image commands, and tons o

  Jamalu Online

Jamalu is a High-Quality Music bot with features like Theme Songs.

  Flamez Offline

Simple and secure ad-link bypasser

  Discord Wellbei Online

This Bot wants to help you life healthier. You can log your Discord activity in the littes

  ChillX Online

Simple Discord bot still under development, more features soon.

  DayStride Idle

DayStride is a multi-purpose bot and the first bot you need on your server.

  Setup Online

Automatically sets up your Discord server in ONE command! Makes roles, channels and helps

  ApplyBot Online

Application bot with custom questions & more.

  Dragonnoir Online

Le bot Dragonnoir est un jeune bot discord multifonction Français

  ForGetFul Online

Another multipurpose bot for all your needs

  Sheepstar Globa Online

A global chat bot with which you can talk to other servers.

  Attitude Online

This bot is made to keep a good attitude on your server and refuse any bad behavior.

  PogBot Online

PogBot is a bot who has many useful commands, moderation commands, fun commands and math c

  Xyla Online

Xyla is a emotional support bot to help manage personal problems by providing helpful advi

  Xeneth Offline

Easy-To-Use Economy Bot + Newly Added Image Generation! Credits to ZeroSync.

  Moddy Online

A moderation bot that help you to control, manage and moderator your server

  BegoneBot Dnd

Focused and powerful bot to detect and counter raids, with powerful tuning while maintaini

  Cowboish bot Online

Yeeehawww! I'm a multipurpose Identity V based Discord bot >:D

  Task Manager Online

With the help of the bot, task management on your server is child's play.

  Code Linter Idle

Get Github Action Notifications in Discord!

  Otay! Online

Hey there! My name is Otay!🙋‍♂️ - Moderation🔨, Levels✨, Fun😂, Utilities🎈, Memes👾 and much

  T_Moderator_Bot Online

A multi-purpose bot with a variety of features to test each day!

  Sasuke 㸑 Online

Sasuke es un Bot con gran Diversidad De comandos

  ConnorBot Beta Online

The ultimate bot. Moderate, Control, and Laugh with ease.

  HaydenBot Offline

The best Discord bot that has multiple functions including moderation, games, and more!

  Minecraft Online

A Minecraft bot for Discord with lots of commands such as player skins, name history.

  MiZy Online

MiZy is a discord bot with the prefix "z!", this bot can help you enchant your server so i

  Xtra Online

Get the best of your server. Made to do stuff better, stuff other bots don't do.

  Mega Dnd

A multi-purpose bot!

  Zori Online

Meet Zori, a multi-purpose discord bot that has many commands ranging from social to memes

  GeekerBot Online

A multi purpose discord bot that allows you to protect your discord server efficiently

  JoyBot Online

JoyBot is a discord bot with features like Disboard bump tracking, getting a random face o

  GiveawayBot Online

A simple bot that manages your Giveaways! quickly and easily on your Discord server! Givea

  Frying Pan Bot Online

Frying Pan Bot is a multi-purpose bot designed to enhance your discord server.

  Waifu Online

Who needs a girlfriend when you have a waifu? :3 150+ commands, paginated help and useful

  AT Bot Online

Apenas um simples bot! Fácil de usar focado em comandos de diversão, úteis, economia e mod

  Deathkillers Bo Online

An awesome Multi-Function discord bot

  Nebula Online

Do you want to have a unique and multi-purpose utility bot? With auto-mod, auto-role, musi

  Giveaway Bot Online

Giveaway Bot Is an epic giveaway bot that will help you with your giveaways!

  Digibot Online

Digibot is a utility, logging, multipurpose bot that has commands that allow for all sorts

  Sparklybot ✨ Dnd

A bot completely made for fun! With Fun, Moderation and Memes + Extras!

  Siren Online

Siren currently has music, moderation, and fun commands. (Many more are coming soon!)

  Tofu Chan (◕ᴗ◕✿ Offline

A multi-purpose bot with commands for gaming, fun, and actions and other stuff.

  ModBotic™ Online

Botic is a multi purpose bot with awesome features like Moderation, Fun, Utility and much

  PSlimy Online

PSlimy is a discord bot with many commands for you to use! PSlimy have moderation, utility

  Filo Online

Filo is a powerful multipurpose Discord bot.

  CactusFire Online

CactusFire, bot en español con múltiples comandos para la diversión de los usuarios.

  Photonic Online

My bot, photonic is a multi-purpose bot to fulfill all your servers needs. Especially Logg

  Tagify Online

Create custom tags for your server! Easily provide help, links, and more!

  BOOPER Online

BOOPER is a Chatbot and has options for Moderation, Tools, Fun and Music!

  Green-bot Online

A certified bot with more than 100 commands an a web Dashboard

  Alph4 Online

It has 5 different modules, search, moderation, welcome, custom commands and economy

  PotatoBot Online

Our bot is meant for multipurpose automation if you want fast and easy commands Our bot is

  Chika Online

Chika, a multipurpose Anime Discord bot with customization.

  Open Mind Offline

All in one bot - The Better Tools to your staff meme giveaways -moderation role managemen

  KillerBot Online

A simple yet advanced multi-purpose bot that excels many other multi-purpose bots.

  Xu Online

Xu is a tutoring bot to give information on various subjects and languages

  Ratio™ Online

A Discord Bot With Multiple Fun, Moderation And Music Command

  UtiliBots Invit Online

Keep track of server invites all from one bot!

  GlennMail Online

Need help? Support is just a DM away, create a ticket on any mutual guild all from one pla

  Maubot Online

Maubot | El mejor bot de la historia. Maubot tiene secciones como; musica, mod, juegos, ..

  Magic8 Online

20+ Languages, Entertainment, Minigames, Highly Customizable, Auto Voice Channels, Anti-Pi

  Zero Deaths Online

Zero Death’s, the multi-purpose bot for all your discord needs.

  Lazz Online

The All-in-One Discord Bot

  Infinity Online

A multi-purpose discord bot with commands relating Moderation, Utilities, Music etc. Invit

  Lupey Online

O Lupey é um bot brasileiro com múltiplas funcionalidades como sistemas de música, moderaç

  CRYSTAL Online

A multipurpose bot with Moderation and Utility commands

  GiveCord Online

FREE • CUSTOMISABLE • Giveaway Bot • Tracks Messages and Voice • Giveaway Requirements

  Epic RPG Remind Online

A reminder bot for every Epic RPG Players. This bot can reminds you for Epic RPG Cooldowns

  Quantum Idle

Simple to use and packed with tons of useful features, let Quantum do all the work.

  5ive Lee Online

5ive Lee,a discord bot that will make your day better.Invite and enjoy xD.

  Spark Online

A Free Multipurpose bot with features like Giveaways, Invites Management, Moderation, Econ

  Xander Online

Xander is a virtual doctor bot to help manage health conditions by providing medical advic

  Axmy Online

Axmy has Emotes, Actions, Moderation, Fun, Memes and a ton more!

  Andromeda Online

A fun/moderation bot with tons of commands and we add new commands every day! We strive fo

  Slingex Online

A bot to moderate and keep your server clean. Lock channels, publish messages, and more!

  Quacky Online

Quacky Bot is an easy to use multi-purpose bot ranging from Fun to Moderation.

  Jonin Online

A multi-purpose bot for a shrine maiden at Yae Village. A bot for Management, Info, and mu

  Hinami Online

Hinami, a very simple bot to entertain your discord experience.

  Nia Online

Nia is a multipurpose bot, supports Moderation, Music, Giveaways, Image Manipulation, and

  Cosmos Online

Welcome Banners [GIF], full fledged Role Management & Levelling with smart Moderation tool

  Staff List Online

You can use me to create a staff-list in your server that will be automatically updated.

  🚨 RexBot ⇝ Online

Un Bot MultiFuncional Ideal Para Empezar A Poner Bots En Un Servidor Desde Zero , Disfruta

  SoundBoard Online

A virtual soundboard

  Denky Online

Reaction Roles, Tickets, Giveaways, Utility, Moderation, AutoRole, AutoMod, Suggestions &

  Hill Climb Raci Online

hcr2 special commands , moderation , fun , wiki commands , reputation system and more....

  EndBot Online

EndBot is a KO / EN discord bot with more than 300 functions like moderation, logging, and

  OcelotBOT Online

General purpose bot with tons of memes, image manipulation, and games.

  Hunter Bot Online

This bot has almost everything you're looking for! Moderation system, Music system, & Econ

  Tsumiki Dnd

Tsumiki is an Anime themed Action Bot, with various Actions and miscellaneous Commands

  Xane Online

Xane is a joke bot designed to keep the jokes going in your server

  Mars Bot Online

Mars Bot allows you to get information and images from all the missions to Mars, and even

  GameserverBot Online

Simple yet powerful bot that allows you to check your current players, map & more.

  Oxiria Online

Oxiria Bot Um bot multilinguagem, com comandos de moderacao, musica, economia, etc... Sup

  Stuff Online

Stuff is just about some random stuff. No, seriously! Stuff has memes, jokes, selfroles an

  To-do Bot Online

Too many tasks to do, but don't want more apps open? Then To-do Bot is for you!

  Chatwind Online

Easily interact with the Chatwind API using this Discord bot!

  Lilin莉莉(路姐的傲嬌女僕 Online

send welcome/leaving msg/a few memes, ranking system, give/remove roles, play 8ball, purge

  Infinium Online

A multipurpose utility bot with function like moderation, custom prefix and economy!

  bump reminder Online

Bump reminder is a multi purpose reminder, which will remind you for every bump/remind and

  GiveawayBot Online

Manage your server's giveaways easily with GiveawayBot.

  Kibzix Online

Kibzix is a multipurpose bot! It knows 100+ commands! It is safe and easy to use!

  Scathach Idle

Multifunctional bot provided Dota 2 Utilities , Memes, NSFW , Anime , Booru + SauceFinder.

  AGB Dnd

From NSFW, to Anime and Memes, AGB is the perfect bot for you and your server

  ToD Online

ToD is a bot that generates random truth or dares to allow consumers to have a fun time wi

  LEpEXRename Offline

A automatic rolebased prefix, suffix or infix Bot to manage the nicknames of your Discord

  BOT BLOCK Online

Bot block , um bot multifuncional para o seu servidor!

  Kyoki Online

Modération, Util, Fun, Games, Configuration and others !