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  RazoringMinds Dnd

RazoringMinds is a multipurpose bot developed with server owners in mind.

  Aqua Online

Aqua is an online radio created by the community for the community

  Alph4 Online

It has 5 different modules, search, moderation, welcome, custom commands and economy

  AlexxBot Online

AlexxBot est un bon bot Français. Il comporte 60 commandes que ça sois de Musique, Configu

  Dino Bot Online

Dino Bot is a multipurpose bot with over 500 commands!

  flitsert Offline

flitsert is a multi pupose discord bot

  Atom Online

Unofficial Sea of Thieves Discord Bot

  Wisp Offline

A fun modular discord bot

  Growth Online

High quality music player With the ability to play, and support Youtube, Soundcloud, Spoti

  Musik-Bot Online

The music bot is a normal music bot.

  Raphtalia Offline

The Raphtalia bot has a lot of features includes moderation,custom prefix, music, fun and

  MarkTestBot Offline

Dummy test bot for blist admins

  Vibe Offline

Multi-purpose bot with music, easy economy and much more!

  Honii Online

Honii is a multipurpose bot created to keep your server alive.

  IUNGO Online

IUNGO - Music Bot. We have since changed into a Music Bot with many fancy features

  Assistant Online

A multipurpose bot with every features you need.

  Ayume Offline


  YouTube Music Online

A simple but high quality music bot. Supports YouTube, Soundcloud, Twitch & Direct Audio.

  H320 Online

Activities ・Anime・Fun・Music・Utilities ~~ An all-in-one bot with lots of fun! ~~

  Nebula Online

Do you want to have a unique and multi-purpose utility bot? With auto-mod, auto-role, musi

  Infinity Offline

A multi-purpose discord bot with commands relating Moderation, Utilities, Music etc. Invit

  Hydra Bot Offline

Um bot feito para te ajudar, com sistemas para FiveM, músicas, economia entre outros!

  AnVolt Online

A Simple Bot That Has Many Commands Inside of It! Hopefully it can makes you satisfy :D

  Muzik Online

Muzik allows you to play music from a wide range of platform including YouTube, Spotify, a

  ExoBot Online

High quality music, Economy, Logging and much more!

  Deathkillers Bo Online

An awesome Multi-Function discord bot

  Easy Offline

The bot is a musical bot, and in addition to listening to songs you can add filters you li

  MusicBoat Offline

Discord Üzerinden Kaliteli Müzik Dinleyin!

  DJ BeatZ Offline

Bot with most of music filters! Highly optimised code for better performance!

  Jey Offline

Music Bot • Slash Commands • DJ Mode • Audio Filters • Supports YouTube, Spotify, SoundClo

  Jamalu Offline

Jamalu is a High-Quality Music bot with features like Theme Songs.

  Bittyconomy Offline

The perfect bot for your server, offering you economy system, and misc commands!

  Empty Music Offline

High quality Discord music bot with including YouTube, Spotify, SoundCloud, and more!

  Growth Music Offline

Growth makes it possible to listen to your favorite music with all your friends. Add it to

  MATE Offline

MATE Is A Multipurpose Bot With Many Cool Commands.

  F MUSIC 1 Offline

A Fully Functional, Stable Music Bot? F MUSIC 1 Does It All F MUSIC 1 Is A Discord Musi

  HypeX Online

HypeX is a multipurpose bot which has many fun, utility and moderation commands

  Moozik Offline

The perfect discord music bot with an request channel! Feature rich with high quality musi

  PlusBot✨ Idle

Get the PlusBor✨ Best Bot on Discord Moderate Fun Gif Game reactionrole

  Deejay Offline

Music Bot•Button Controls•YouTube, SoundCloud, Spotify •Audio filters•Activity Channel

  Lolly Bot Offline

The Lolly Bot is a multifunctional bot, all commands are free and never stops being update

  Lossy Online

An always evolving music bot.

  BOOPER Online

BOOPER is a Chatbot and has options for Moderation, Tools, Fun and Music!

  MusicoCat Offline

MusicoCat is a bot that allows you to use music where you want and how you want! 🎶

  ㋛ Ralaney Offline

You won't get bored with Ralaney! The bot has many different teams.

  Vixirus Offline

New high quality music bot in Alpha stage. Developed by PGamingHD#0666

  Radio X Offline

A Discord music/general bot that plays live streams, radio, YouTube music/streams, image m

  Ozzy Offline

Set for your needs! Moderation | Utility | Economy | Music | Leveling | Tickets | Antilink

  Aura Offline

🎵 Aura is a multilanguage Brazilian bot with a focus in Music. 🌸

  Lyrio Offline

The best lyrics provider bot! Bot made by Belven#6741

  Ear Tensifier Online

EARRAPE & BASSBOOST | High quality music | Youtube | Soundcloud | Mixer | Spotify | Bandca

  RoboStux Online

The Robot That Can Do Everything in One. Contains Music, Games, Mod, React Roles and so mu

  Green-bot Online

High quality Music, Giveaways with requirements, Moderation, Levelling, Tickets, YouTube,

  Transistor FM Offline

Discord radio, made simple. Transistor FM is a public Discord music bot, recently redone.

  Agent du Shield Online

AgentDuShield est un bot de Gestion de serveur Discord, il vous permet de gerer votre Disc

  Mixtape Online

A high-quality discord music bot that can play from Youtube, Spotify, Soundcloud, Bandcamp

  El Mod Offline

El Mod is a next generation Discord Bot is many features from moderating, logging, to meme

  Astral Offline

Fun • Moderation • Economy • Music • Utility

  Spotify! Online

A music bot called Spotify!

  Eclipse Offline

Eclipse is a Moderation, Fun, Utility and Music Bot with plenty features. The Bot every Se

  GenMusic Online

Hi! I'm GenMusic, your cutest free music bot!

  HSE Music Offline

HSE Music is a bot dedicated to music but also helps you

  Melody Offline

Discord Music Bot

  Scathach Online

Scathach is a Lewd bot featuring wide range of NSFW, tons of a wet minigames, and sexy mus

  Sparklybot ✨ Idle

A bot completely made for fun! With Fun, Moderation and Memes + Extras!

  T_Music_Bot Online

A bot mainly focused on music playing and good quality.

  Lyrics Finder Offline

Search the lyrics to your music with Lyrics Finder

  ミ Kyoryu Offline

Kyoryu multipurpose Discord bot | high quality music system , minigames more than 10+ game

  Persian Bot Online

The best Persian language robot for Persian speakers in the world , Server management

  Ratio™ Online

A Discord Bot With Multiple Fun, Moderation And Music Command

  BruhBot Online

BruhBot has Many Useful and Fun Commands, for example Steal Emoji to steal emoji from othe

  Xu Offline

Xu is a tutoring bot to give information on various subjects and languages

  DJ Chill Online



The Best Discord Music Bot! Supports Youtube, Spotify, SoundCloud and more....

  Music AI Online

This is an advanced music bot that supports YouTube till now but eventually, it is evolvin

  Flare 🚀 Offline

⬆️ Level up your Discord server with high quality-focused commands.

  Mee6 kirkland Offline

Mee6 (Kirkland) | El mejor bot de la historia. Maubot tiene secciones como; musica, mod, j

  Cupcáké Online

High quality music bot with FREE volume control feature! Supports YouTube,SoundCloud etc.

  OnAir Offline

A advanced & powerful Radio-Bot.

  OcelotBOT Online

General purpose bot with tons of memes, image manipulation, and games.

  Nia Offline

Nia is a multipurpose bot, supports Moderation, Music, Giveaways, Image Manipulation, and

  Goat Online

A multi-purpose bot including moderation, music, economy, utilities, web dashboard and mor

  Albedo Online

extremely customisable feature-rich multipurpose discord bot.

  SoundBoard Online

A virtual soundboard

  One Offline

A multi purpose discord bot that'll make managing servers a breeze. Music, Moderation, Mem

  Unlimited Bot Online

Unlimited Bot is a utility bot that makes it easier to run lots of commands.

  Troy Online

A new discord bot made especially for fun, music, and moderation

  Bizon Online

A multipurpose discord bot which has tons of features, with good uptime, fast respond time

  Gravel Music Offline

A Discord Music Bot With Many Awesome Features, Buttons, Menus, Context Menu, Support Many

  KokNut Online

An advanced music bot with free music filters and lots of side features and tools

  Lazz Offline

The All-in-One Discord Bot

  GF Music Offline

Music bot that can play music from youtube (Spotify) (Soundcloud) (Anghami) (deezer)

  DisTube Offline

YouTube Together • SoundCloud • Spotify • Song Request Channel • Audio Filters • Custom Pl

  Dredd Online

A multipurpose bot to help you with moderation, provide fun and other

  ForGetFul Online

Another multipurpose bot for all your needs

  SyncMe Online

Construct a Professional Server! Music with no latency and playlist modification, fun, gam

  Killua™ Offline

Killua™ Olá, eu sou o Killua, tenho 14 anos e estou online desde 15 de agosto de 2020.

  PotatoBot Online

Our bot is meant for multipurpose automation if you want fast and easy commands Our bot is

  Moosik Offline

A discord music bot with extra coolio features!

  004 (Beta) Offline

A music bot can play on youtube /soundcloud / spotify

  Assistant Offline

A multipurpose discord bot with commands such as, Minecraft, Economy, & tons more. You won

  Siren Online

Siren currently has music, moderation, and fun commands. (Many more are coming soon!)

  Extron Online

The discord bot to make server management and moderation easy. Listen to your favorite mus

  EndBot Offline

EndBot is a KO / EN discord bot with more than 300 functions like moderation, logging, and

  PEPE Online

Welcomer • Moderation • Leveling • Music • PrivateVoice • ReactionRoles • Giveaway and mor

  Charlos Offline

This is a multipurpose discord bot

  Jelly Offline

Jelly is a very advanced and unique discord bot with a lot of features.

  Tape Offline

Music, Madia, social, fun and more!

  AxelMusic Offline

A easy to use Music Bot that supports playback from Spotify, Youtube and SoundCloud

  Echo Dnd

Echo is a multifunctional discord bot. Made for everyone and their servers. Echo is update

  Vibes Offline

Vibes is a new discord music bot with basic music commands!

  [S!] S-Music Offline

the best Music bot!

  ELO.GG Offline

Elo.GG is a League of Legends Bot for Discord.