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  Slio Online

A multipurpose Discord bot that is packed with the latest features and commands

  Nebula Offline

Do you want to have a unique and multi-purpose utility bot? With auto-mod, auto-role, musi


A Powerful Multipurpose Bot

  JeggyBot Online

Multi-purpose Bot | Mini-games / Reaction Roles / Auto-roles / Moderation / Anime

  RexZ Offline

A Discord Server Security & A Good Moderation Bot Which Will Save Your Server From Gettin

  RexZ Online

A Better Discord Server/Guild Security & Moderation Beast Which Will Save Your Server From

  DayStride Offline

DayStride is a multi-purpose bot and the first bot you need on your server.

  PSlimy Online

PSlimy is a discord bot that can bring protection and entertainment to all of your server!

  ECHO Online

The most versatile and easy-to-setup Discord bot for managing and protecting your server!

  ExoBot Online

High quality music, Economy, Logging and much more!

  Quacky Online

Quacky is an advanced utility bot that increases automation in your server.

  Word Counter Offline

Word counter is a slash command bot that counts each time a word has been said in your ser

  Astral Offline

Fun • Moderation • Economy • Music • Utility

  Scar Online

​✨🚀 Boost your server with Scar, the only app your server needs!

  Revinal Online

Multi Functional Bot Containing Advanced Logging And Many Features

  KEEN Offline

Multi-Purpose Bot, Moderation, Economy, Giveaways, Warnings, Fun. All Behind One Prefix

  Softwaresat Bot Offline

An amazing bot that can do moderation, utility, fun, logging, images, memes, bumping, rank

  Atom Online

Unofficial Sea of Thieves Discord Bot

  BruhBot Online

BruhBot has Many Useful and Fun Commands, for example Steal Emoji to steal emoji from othe

  Ticketer Online

Manage your users concerns easier than ever.

  AntiFap Counter Idle

Need help with your addiction recovery process? AntiFap Counter will be keeping track of y

  Utiler Bot Offline

Utilerbot is a versatile Discord bot with custom commands, a welcome system, and premium f

  Gir Offline

A multi-purpose bot which aims to make your server easier and more enjoyable to manage, in

  Awarewolf Online

A high quality administrator, with moderation, interaction, fun tricks and much more!

  El Mod Offline

El Mod is a next generation Discord Bot is many features from moderating, logging, to meme

  Cloe Online

A bot perfect for your Community with many features. (Giveaways, Tickets, Applications, Au

  Goat Online

A multi-purpose bot including moderation, music, economy, utilities, web dashboard and mor

  Albedo Offline

extremely customisable feature-rich multipurpose discord bot.

  Yuki Online

A bot replacing nearly every discord bot for free. Boost your server's experience.

  InviteManager Offline

InviteManager is the best way for invite tracking, giveaways and leveling.

  ConnorBot Beta Offline

The ultimate bot. Moderate, Control, and Laugh with ease.

  Notus Online

Make your community more active!

  Troy Offline

A new discord bot made especially for fun, music, and moderation

  Support Bot Online

Dynamic ticketing solution for member to staff communication • Ticket Menus • Notify Staff

  Atlius Online

A Moderation bot meant to lessen the stress for your servers staff team

  Vetrilox Online

Vetrilox is an Auto-Moderation focused Moderation and Utility Bot

  Emerald Online

Emerald is a multipurpose bot that allows you to manage your server easily.

  Octa Online

A Multi-Purpose Discord Bot

  Autorole Online

・The easiest and simplest way to set auto role in your server!

  Scopes Offline

A great management and moderation bot. Scopes is the best way to make your server safe and

  Xinko Online

Xinko is a multipurpose bot that can help you create and manage your discord servers.

  Yeti Offline

Yeti hjælper dig med at holde orden på din server.

  ForGetFul Online

Another multipurpose bot for all your needs

  Zey Offline

Moderation | Verification | Tempchannels | Logging | Presence Roles | Leveling | ServerSta

  Task Manager Offline

With the help of the bot, task management on your server is child's play.

  Minotaur Online

Easy to use Discord mod bot with dashboard, mod tools, modlogs and auto mod to help protec

  Killua™ Offline

Killua™ Olá, eu sou o Killua, tenho 14 anos e estou online desde 15 de agosto de 2020.

  Cosmos Online

Welcome Banners [GIF], full fledged Role Management & Levelling with smart Moderation tool

  Scripty Online

Free, 100% private, no-logs speech-to-text for all!

  Bittyconomy Offline

The perfect bot for your server, offering you economy system, and misc commands!

  Unlimited Bot Online

Unlimited Bot is a utility bot that makes it easier to run lots of commands.

  Audit Logger Online

The only discord bot you need for logging

  Filo Online

Filo is a powerful multipurpose Discord bot.

  InviteCount Offline

With the InviterCount bot, you can view someone's invitations.

  Green-bot Online

High quality Music, Giveaways with requirements, Moderation, Levelling, Tickets, YouTube,

  WhatsApp Authen Offline

A WhatsApp Authenticator to verify users on your Discord server via WhatsApp!

  flitsert Online

Enhance Your Discord Server with the Ultimate Bot - Introducing Flitsert

  ZeroTwo Online

A Discord bot striving to provide the best non-premium features for your server.

  LogRack Offline

Lograck is a fully customizable logging bot for your server with (webhook logging, ignore

  Siren Online

Siren currently has music, moderation, and fun commands. (Many more are coming soon!)

  EndBot Offline

EndBot is a KO / EN discord bot with more than 300 functions like moderation, logging, and


Admeeeeeen bot is a brand new bot with many features

  AFK Bot Online

The ultimate AFK Bot that allows owners to monitor the activity of their servers, auto ass