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The most engaging multiplayer puzzle game to increase server activity!

This bot provides an interactive way to play minute mystery, also known as situation puzzle/yes no puzzle/lateral thinking puzzle. It is a multiplayer(support 2+) puzzle/board game.

Command list:

/give-me-a-mystery : Start a mystery from MM Database. /i-have-a-mystery : Customize and start your own mystery. /info command : Display full command list. /info how-to-play : Explain how to play a mystery. /info example-mystery : Send an example mystery and example reponses in current channel. /premium info : Display current premium status and how to get premium. /premium purchase : Purchase premium for current server. /premium management : Manage existing premium purchase for current server.

How to play:

Each mystery describes an inexact story. Each story can have more than one possible fitting answers. The goal however is to find out the story as the host has it in mind. The host knows the story behind the scene. The players are asking questions which can only be answered with a "YES" or "NO" answer. The puzzle is solved when player is able to recite the narrative the host had in mind, in particular explaining whatever aspect of the initial scenario was puzzling.

Step 1 - Start/Read A mystery

Use /give-me-a-mystery to start a mystery. Once command is issued, two threads will be sent to a specific channel. One thread is mainly used for play and has many limitations, named as Discover Thread. The other thread is mainly for discussing without any limitations, named as Spoiler Thread. Read the mystery message from the Discover Thread. give-me-a-mystery.gif

Step 2 - Pick your Role

Two buttons appear on the Discover message. Click Discover! Button, you will become a player. Click Reveal! Button, you will become a host.

Step 3.1 - Player Actions

The aim of the players is to guess and tell what has happened. You are able to send questions within the Discover Thread and wait for host response. Each sent question will be shortly replaced with an embedded message attached with several buttons used to host in response. You are not allowed to response to any questions. You will get notification once your question gets a response. Once your question is responded with YES, you will get 0.5 points. Once your question is responded with bingo, you will get 20 points. All other reponses will not be granted with any points. You can switch to Host by clicking Reveal! Button on the original message. No switch back again. become-a-palyer.gif

Step 3.2 - Host Actions

You will receive the answer via DM. You are able to respond to questions within the Discover Thread Available Reponses are YES, NO, N/a, BINGO, SHORT REPLY, BINGO and SHORT REPLY response can make the message hidden, so that other players can continue to play. Each response will be granted with 0.5 points. become-a-host.gif

Step 1* - Customize A mystery

Use /i-have-a-mystery to start a customized mystery. Once the command is issued, you are asked to provide your mystery description and answer. Once submit, a customized mystery will be sent to the current channel. You will directly become the host of this mystery. i-have-a-mystery87d7b4d222bfb4e1.gif

Mystery Example:

A man walks into a bar, and asks the bartender for a drink of water. The bartender pulls out a gun, points it at the man, and cocks it. The man pauses, before saying "Thank you" and leaving. What happened? Question-and-Reponse Example: Question: Was the bartender angry for some reason? R: No Question: Was the gun a water pistol? R: No Question: Did they know each other from before? R: No (or: "N/a" since either way it does not affect the outcome) Question: Was the man's "thank you" sarcastic? R: No (or with a small hint: "No, with genuinely grateful") Question: Did the man ask for water in some strange way? R: Yes With more iterations, eventually the questions may lead up to the conclusion that the man had the hiccups, and that his reason for requesting a drink of water was not to quench his thirst but to cure his hiccups. The bartender realized this and chose instead to cure the hiccups by frightening the man with the gun. Once the man realized that his hiccups were gone, he no longer needed a drink of water, gratefully thanked the bartender, and left.

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