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A bot designed to allow server members to express themselves and their socials.

This bot allows your members to express themselves with an aboutme, gender, name, age and more. They can even set their social media accounts if they wish at simple commands. Below you can find the full guide:

/profile [takes in optional member argument] - this displays the profile of the person who ran the command or the person the selected from the member list

/set profile [name, age, aboutme, gender, pronouns] - users can either select one or multiple fields to set about themselves

/set profilecolor [hexcode] - users enter their favorite color in form of hex to display in the embed of their profile

/set socials [11 options] - users can enter one or multiple of their social media/gaming accounts

/help - general help guide on the bot

/ping - shows latency of the bot

/support - support server for the bot

/invite - invite server for the bot

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