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Added: July 4, 2022, 8:10 a.m. (9Β months ago) Shards: 0 Prefix: / and - Votes: 0 Library: discord.js

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Advanced moderation and giveaway bot, with other commands like reaction roles, automod and translate

This is a advanced Moderation and giveaway bot.

Moderation, giveaways, reaction-roles, welcome messages, leave messages, rank and leaderboard, autoroles, translate, fun and tools like calculator and more

πŸ“’ - New commands: set welcome, set leave, set memberrole, set autorole, rank, leaderboard, set levelsup, set levels. Set welcome command is to choose if the welcome message feature is enabled or disabled you will also have to choose the welcome channel. Set leave command is the same exact thing than set welcome but this time you setup the leave message enabled or disabled and also the channel. Set memberrole command is to choose which role will be the autorole. You can set autorole enabled or disabled with the set autorole command. Before you can use the rank and leaderboard command you should use set levelsup enabled or disabled and if you want a channel where the bot sends all the messages when a user gets to a new level use the set levels command. Leaderboard command is to check who has the most xp and level.

πŸ”¨ - Moderation commands: kick, ban, unban, mute, unmute, warn, warnings, purge, slowmode, lock, unlock.

πŸ›  - Advanced moderation commands: antilink, antiswear, antimention, ghostping, antispam. Antiswear has all the basic swear words added but there is a command called blw and blw add that means that you can add words to the blacklisted words list. All the other advanced moderation commands can be disabled and enabled.

πŸŽ‰ - Advanced Giveaway system: start/create, end, reroll, edit, pause, resume, requirement roles, requirement server invite, bonusrole. All the giveaway commands can be used with / or + prefix. Start and create commands are for starting an giveaway. End command is for ending an already running giveaway. Reroll command is for rerolling the winner of an already ended giveaway. Edit command is for editing an already running giveaway. Pause command is for pausing an already running giveaway. Resume command is to resume a paused giveaway. Requirement roles are roles that the user has to have to be able to enter an giveaway. Server invite requirement is server invites that the users has to join to be able to enter an giveaway. When you select a bonusrole means that the role you chose has a better chance to win that giveaway (you can choose how big the chance for that role is). ✨ - Reaction roles: reactionadd, reactionclear, reactionpanel. Reactionadd command is for adding reactions to roles and with reactionpanel command you start the reactionrole panel which you just added with the reactionadd command. Reactionclear command is to clear the reaction panel roles. You can also you addr command to give a mentioned role to a user. REACTION ROLES ARE STILL UNDER DEVELOPMENT

πŸ“œ - Info commands: whois, serverinfo, ut, ping, langlist, help. Whois command you can get info about an user and the info you get is for example the users creation date, the roles that user has, the date he joined a server and other information too. Serverinfo command is to check servers information for example how many roles and channels the server has and much more, there is over 30 different infos about the server. Ut command is to check how long this bot has been online for. Ping command is to check the bots ping. Help command is to get all the commands and info about them. Langlist command is a list of supported languages used in the translate command.

🐸 - Fun commands: howgay, luck. Howgay command shows how gay you are out of 100%. Luck command is to check how lucky you are. MORE FUN COMMANDS ARE COMMING LATER.

πŸ”§- Tool commands: avatar, calculator, suggestion, translate. Avatar command is to display a users avatar in a bigger size. Calculator command is a button calculator that looks like the one we have on our mobile phones. Suggestion command is to add suggestions in a suggestions channel. Translate command is to translate text from almost every language like google translate.

πŸ’Ž - community commands: Rank, leaderboard. This bot also has a leveling system and its a basic one. Rank command is the one you can check your rank and level. Leaderboard command is to check who has the most xp and level.

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