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Hello, We have tons of image generation commands and mini-games!

``` 🌷 • Introducing Mitsuha !

🌸 • Message from dev: Hey, I am NeeL_Official#8818!. I develop bots as everyone does but with a different mindset.The bot features are not locked behind paywalls or any hidden fees and all the features are free forever like changeable prefix etc!.This bot has commands ranging from fun to games to keep users engaged in your server!

💓 • And also I am highly active at discord to fix the bugs! If you found any bugs or commands aren't working properly just do >m report <issue> and after you try the bot make sure to review it by >m review <message> !

🎴 • The default prefix is >m . Some of the commands are >m help , >m botinfo , >m invite but there are 220+ commands which cannot be listed here as it will fill up but wait! Ever wanted to talk with other server members but hit that 100 servers limit? Don't worry [🌐] global-chat sytem is here! Just use >m globalchat enable then enjoy and We have also added logogen command too which can generate cool pfp/server logos just for YOU!!

💟 • And Mitsuha is 100% secured as it doesn’t asks for admin perms, only required perms! But note,it require invite perms for report command but if you don't want that just unselect the ☑ Create Invite button while inviting the bot!

💝 • And the host i am using is paid, so expect little to no downtime but auto restart the bot at scheduled time to make the bot run smoother!

✅ | Verified by Discord too! 🔔 | Leaves servers less than 5 members to clean up resources!



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