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A multipurpose utility and moderation bot for disocrd.


Gloww is a multipurpose utility and moderation bot for discord.

Gloww features many commands such as : - downloadaudio (this downloads audio from youtube) - afk (adds AFK to the start of your nickname in that server to let other people know you are afk) - slowmode (sets the slowmode for the current channel) - lock/unlock (locks/unlocks the channel so people can or cannot speak) - welcomer (sets a custom welcome message for your server) - loot (adds a emoji from another server to your own!) - ytinfo (search a channel on youtube and get the statistics of it)

Another NEW feature to gloww is the ability to change prefix for gloww and add a custom welcomer to your server! (see ;help ServerSettings) Gloww does offer many more commands, you can check those by adding gloww to your server and typing ;help.

If you have a suggestion for gloww or have found a bug join our support server and create a ticket, also if you have a question then open a ticket.

To receive updates and changes about Gloww join the support server.

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