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Easily lock emojis to certain roles using EmojiRole


Easily lock emojis to certain roles using EmojiRole!

EmojiRole allows you to restrict emojis to certain roles. This can be useful for booster perks, staff-only emotes, and more!


|Command Name|Command Description| |--|--| |e!help|Get a list of all commands| |e!invite|Invite the bot to your server| |e!support|Get support for the bot| |--|--| |e!list (emoji)|List all the roles for an emoji| |e!lockemoji (emoji) (role)|Add a role to an emote| |e!unlockemoji (emoji) (role)|Remove a role from an emote|



Before asking for help in our support server, try the following:

If the bot is offline, join the support server and look at the #status channel to check if the bot is down for everyone.

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