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A Better Discord Server/Guild Security & Moderation Beast Which Will Save Your Server From Getting D

RexZ is one of the BEST discord anti nuke bot with whitelist/blacklist + 2nd owner system :). And it has been perfected over time and now it's an absolute beast that is still receiving improvements. RexZ will protect your server from getting damaged. You will also be able to tweak the ANTI NUKE filters to your liking & also logs all the nuke event's to a channel!


If your admin/mod attempt's to mass kick/ban ur server members, RexZ will instantly ban them before any further bans. 


If your admin/mod attempt's at deleting all your server channels with all the messages sent in them, or if they try to mass create channels to flood your server. Worry not, RexZ will not allow that! 


RexZ will punish anyone trying to deleting all your server roles or trying to mass create roles to ruin your server!


Webhooks are very dangerous. 1 webhook can also turn your dazzling server into a dead server. RexZ will monitor webhook creation/deletion to avoid any issues. 


Perhaps you have some precious emojis you dont want to have them deleted? Perhaps you have Global Emojis? RexZ got your all emojis protected. 







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