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Added: June 10, 2021, 4:36 p.m. (6 days, 6 hours ago) Shards: 0 Prefix: arii Votes: 7 Library: discord.js
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Multi-purpose game/ admin bot and the only bot you'll ever need in your server.

Arii is a Discord bot thats made to be the only bot you'll need in any of your servers. Arii has lots of commmands ,100+, which are all listed below!

@Arii for help finding the prefix.

Arii's Commands Prefix: arii (With a space at the end)

More Information: arii help [command]

🔍 Info [25]

admins aliases avatar botinfo channelinfo emojis findid gallery github help inviteme members mods permissions ping prefix roleinfo servercount servericon serverinfo serverstaff stats supportserver uptime userinfo

🥳 Fun [23]

8ball bird cat catfact coinflip dog dogfact duck emojify fox meme roll rps say shibe solotrivia thouart topics trivia trumptweet yesno yomomma youtube

🌈 Color [5]

color colors createcolor createdefaultcolors randomcolor

💰 Points [8]

crown explainpoints givepoints leaderboard points pointsper position totalpoints

⚒️ Misc [3]

feedback nickname reportbug

👮‍♂️ Mod [16]

addrole ban clearwarns kick mute purge purgebot removerole setnickname slowmode softban unban unmute warn warnpurge warns

⚙️ Admin [34]

setadminrole setautokick setautorole setcommandpoints setcrownchannel setcrownmessage setcrownrole setcrownschedule setfarewellchannel setfarewellmessage setmemberlog setmessagedeletelog setmessageeditlog setmessagepoints setmodchannels setmodlog setmodrole setmuterole setnicknamelog setprefix setrolelog setstarboardchannel setsystemchannel settings setverificationchannel setverificationmessage setverificationrole setvoicepoints setwelcomechannel setwelcomemessage togglecommand togglepoints togglerandomcolor toggletype

Invite Arii now to immediately update your discord server!

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