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Invite Bot Support Server
A multi functional bot with many Features, that improves your discord server.

Ill be explaining some bigger features:

-Verification System - gives a user a certain role when reacting to verification message(Captcha sometimes required).

-Economy - has a currency called blob, a shop and commands as 'beg', 'crime' and 'work'.

-Music - has a nice looking music controller and plays music with nearly no 'outage' and latency

-Moderation - Basic commands such as 'un/-mute', 'un/-ban'and 'kick' and advanced ones such as 'massban' and 'multiban'

-Automoderation - A system to detect unwanted behavior check ?help automod for more info

-Antialt protection - A system to protect your server from potential alts, check ?help antilalt for more info

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