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A multi-purpose bot including moderation, music, economy, utilities, web dashboard and more.


Goat can help you administer your servers, as well as have fun with your members.
Including administration, music playback, economy and gaming and utility commands, Goat is a must have for your server.


Administration and moderation commands include ban/unban, addrole/removerole, mute/tempmute/unmute, lockdown/timedlockdown/unlockdown, kick/warn/warnlevel/clearwarns, channel, thread, role, dm, purge, say, announce, embed, reactionrole, setlevel, sticky and reddit.

Music commands include join/leave, play/stop/playnext, skip/previous/jump, seek, volume, loop, queue, savequeue/playqueue/removequeue, clearqueue, autoplay, lyrics, player and filter.
Additionally, you can use the playthis command as the caption for an audio file upload to have Goat play music from your collection.

Economy and fun commands include level, leaderboard, richlist, cooldowns, daily, weekly, monthly, work, claim, balance, goats, bank, pay and redeem.
Gambling games include gamble, guess, coinflip, trivia, fight, jackpot, double, slots and goatrace.

Utility commands include currency, bmi, calculate, weather, profile, editprofile, covid, timer, unit, reminder, morse, serverinfo, channelinfo, userinfo, report, about, credits and ping.

Action commands include poke, punch, slap, cuddle, feed, respect, smug, headbutt and wave.
Several Goat action commands use their own specially designed APIs to provide unique imagery.

Goat Dashboard

Goat includes a dashboard where administrators can configure guild settings, and users can view balances, leaderboards, rewards and even play some of Goat's games.
Visit the Goat Dashboard to quickly configure guild-specific Goat settings and view information.

Reputation Goats

Goat includes a reputation system, allowing each user to give one Reputation Goat to another user per day.
Use the respect command to either pay your general respects to the server or give a Reputation Goat to a user.

Reputation Goats are exchangeable for Goat coins, each Goat being worth 10000 coins.
Goats can only be exchanged when you reach 100 Reputation Goats.

Goat Profiles

Goat includes customisable profiles.
Your profile can include information such as your primary language, birthday, gender and a bio.

If you specify your birthday in your profile, Goat will send you a private message on your special day.
Additionally, if birthday messages are enabled by guild administrators, Goat will let the members of your servers know that it's your birthday.

Reaction Roles

Goat includes support for reaction roles, enabling your members to react to messages to automatically receive roles on your servers.
Reaction roles can either be single or stacked, depending on your preference. The type of reaction role is defined per role.
Reaction roles can be configured by administrators.

Invite Tracking

Goat includes support for invite tracking, which enables features such as invite leaderboards.
This can help server owners keep track of who generates the most members for their servers.
Invite tracking can be configured by administrators.

Goat Music

With Goat Music, you can save the currently playing queue for later playback on any servers you share with Goat.
Additionally, other members of your servers can play eachothers queues by tagging the user who's queue they want to play.

Goat Tickets

Goat includes a ticket system which enables server owners to provide a professional support experience to their members.
Tickets can be created or closed by your members and are viewable by the owner of the ticket and the role you configure as the ticket responder role.
When a ticket is closed, Goat removes the temporary channel created.

Sticky messages

Goat includes support for sticky messages.
Sticky messages can be defined for all text channels and stay at the bottom of the chat whenever any new messages are sent.
Use the sticky command to create and remove sticky messages.

Reddit Watching

Goat includes support for watching your favourite subs on Reddit.
New posts on watched subs will be posted to your Discord server in a channel of your choosing.
You can create one watcher per channel.
There is no limit to the number of watched subs you can set up in your server.

Optional Features

Optional features include:

You can customise which activities Goat logs, as well as the messages he sends when welcoming users, sending leveling notifications, sending birthday notifications and more.

Invite Goat

Invite Goat to your server and see what he can do for you.

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