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Fun • Moderation • Economy • Music • Utility

Astral has a lot of commands that will help you out in your server.

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How to setup Astral in your server?

To add Astral to your server, use the invitation link and make sure that you’ve given the bot all of the required permissions.

It’s very important that Astral has the right permissions to your server. Without those required permissions, Astral's commands and features may not work as intended.

Under its Setting commands category you will see the command setprefix which will allow you to change its prefix to anything you want. use the command help to see more useful commands!

Astral is still under development. Bugs may occur! ⚠

If you're having any trouble or issue with the bot, please don't hesitate to report this to our support server or just report it using the command bugreport.

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