Moderation Fun Game Meme Leveling Utility
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Multipurpose bot with tons of features.


🪐 Multipurpose bot with tons of features

Publisher: DRKWRTH Current Version: Remastered (Being Updated Regularly) Support Server: Here

s!help - Help Command

[?] How Help Panel is Working? [..] - Obligatory field - /../ - Non-Mandatory field - [<- Prefix >< Commands Name -> ][..]<- Other Options

- Settings / Utilities

My Configuration Commands | Settings MENU > [s!settings]

⚙️ [CHANGE/DELETE] General Settings

[!] [s!prefixes] => Prefixes list

[s!add prefix][..]: - Add prefix

[s!change prefix][..]: - Change an Active prefix

[s!delete prefix][..]: - Delete an Active prefix

👋 [CHANGE/DELETE] Welcome - Leave Settings

[s!change|delete][welcomem|leavem][..]/custom/: - Change/Delete Welcome/Leave Message

[s!change|delete][dmwelcome|dmleave][..]/custom/: - Change/Delete Welcome/Leave DM Message

[s!change|delete][welcomec|leavec][#channel]: - Change/Delete Welcome/Leave Channel

[s!change|delete autorole][@role]: - Enable/Disable Autorole


[s!change|delete muterole][@role]: - Add|Change/Delete the Mute role


[s!enable|disable antilink|antitag]: - Enable/Disable Anti Link/Tag System

[s!enable|disable suggestions][#channel]: - Enable/Disable Suggestions System

- Moderation

Moderation Commands. Moderate your Server easier



[s!kick|ban][!user]: - Kick/Ban a User

[s!unban][id]: - Unban a Banned User


[s!mute|unmute][!user]: - Mute/Unmute a User

🗂 [CHANNELS] Moderation/Configuration

[s!lock|unlock]/#channel/: - Lock/Unlock a Channel

[s!nuke]: - Deleting and Recreating the Channel


[s!clear][!Targets/Users][:amount]: - Delete a certain number of Messages

[s!slowmode][:time][h/m/s]/#channel/: Change the Slowmode

⚠️ [ALWAYS: ON] Warning System

[s!warnings][!user]: - Number of User's Warnings

[s!warn][!user]/:reason/: - Warn a User

[s!remove warn][!user](all): - Remove User's Warning (1/all)

- General

General Commands. Other Commands for Admins/Users with Perms


[s!poll][:Poll Theme/Text]: - Create a Poll

[s!poll results]: - Poll Results

😂 [OTHER] Emojis

[s!emoji add]: - Add a Emoji

[s!emoji remove|info]/&emoji/: - Remove/or Take info about an Emoji

- Public

Public Commands. Can be used by Everyone

[❔] Informative Commands

[s!serverinfo]: - Server Stats/info

[s!userinfo]/!user/: - User's Stats/info

[s!channel info]/#channel/: Channel's Stats/info

[s!botinfo]: Bot info


[s!av]/!user/: - User's Avatar

[s!servericon]: - Server icon


[s!invites]/!user/: - User's invites count

- Fun/Games

Fun Commands. For wasting your time Happier and Better

📏 [FUN] Rate

[s!simprate]/!user/: - Simp rate 0/100%

[s!gayrate]/!user/: - Gay rate 0/100%

[s!noobrate]/!user/: - Noob rate 0/100%

🕹 [GAMES] Mini Games

[s!8ball][:Question]: - Ask Selini something


[s!hack][!user]: - Hack someone :D (Not Real)

Text Commands

[s!reverse][:text]: - Reverse the :text

[s!emojify][:text]: - Emojify the :text

[s!spoilify][:text]: - spoilify


[s!rate][:thing]: - Bot will rate the :thing

[s!meme]: - M e m e

- Images

Images. Create fun Images using Selini.

🎞 Imageination

[s!slap][[1]!user]/[2]!user/: - User[1] got slapped by User[2]

[s!drake][[1]!user]/[2]!user/: - I dont like User[1], i like User[2]

[s!jail]/!user/: - The user is in the Jail

[s!wanted]/!user/: - The user is WANTED

[s!rip]/!user/: - Rest in Peace user..

- Tickets

Settings/Commands for Tickets.

[⚙️] Advanced Ticket System SETUP

[s!enable|disable tickets][#channel][:description]: - Enable/Disable AT System

[s!change|delete tcategory][#category (:ID)]/1,2,3/: - Change/Delete the category where tickets will be Created

[s!change|delete ttag][@Role]/1,2,3/: - Change/Delete the Ticket Tag role.

[s!add|delete trole][@Role]/1,2,3/: - Add/Delete the Ticket Roles (for perms)

[s!add|delete tcategories][:Emoji][#Text/Type]: - Add a Ticket Category.

[s!troles | s!ttag | s!tcategories]

[COMMANDS] Ticket System

[s!ticket]/:arg/: - Create a Ticket

[s!close]: - Close the Ticket (Can be used ONLY inside the Ticket's Channel)

- Levels

Settings/Commands for Levels.

[⚙️] Leveling System SETUP

[s!enable|disable levels]: - Enable/Disable the Leveling System

[s!change|delete levelc][#channel]: - Change/Delete the Notification channel

[s!resetlevels]: - Reset ALL Levels

[COMMANDS] Leveling System

[s!level]/!user/: - User's level

[s!leaderboard]: - Local Leaderboard

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