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Meet Zori, a multi-purpose discord bot that has many commands ranging from social to memes.

Run zori help in your server to get a full list of commands!

What is Zori?

Zori is a multi-purpose bot developed by Rika, it started off as a simple project but later grew to more of a full-time project.


Zori’s commands consist of mostly fun, but has other categories such as moderation.


Short description of commands:

• Action commands, such as: hug, slap, and kiss.
• Information commands, such as: guildinfo and userinfo.
• Fun commands, such as: owoify.
• Image commands, such as: The deepfry command and meme template commands for you and your friends to have fun with.

What does Zori do?:

Zori is multi-purpose, so it has commands of all different types; there’s no main feature, just a lot of different commands for you to try out and have fun with!


Want to hug your friends? Zori can do that!


Get info on a user with the userinfo command:


Create tags with the fully functional tag system, when you create a tag; only you can edit or delete it (admins bypass this):


Search for any Pokémon by their ID or name:


Get coronavirus statistics globally or by country:

coronavirus command

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