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BluePearl, a fully customizable, multipurpose discord bot! Which comes with a variety of commands &

BluePearl, fully customizable, multipurpose discord bot who has variety of commands with a powerful dashboard. This bot support commands in direct messages, support translation in different languages & it's has new mention like @everyone and @here, the @someone, which allows you to pick a random member of the server.

Here's the list of BluePearl commands. This one contains more than 180+ commands in 14 different categories.

👩‍💼 Administration: addcommand, slowmode, welcome, addcommand, automod, backup and 12 more!

🚓 Moderation: announcement, ban, see-warns, setlogs, checkinvites, poll, and 8 more!

🎵 Music: play, skip, filter, queue, np, and 6 more!

💰 Economy: profile, work, badge, slots, balance, leaderboard, rob, and 8 more! 👻 Fun: lmg, findwords, flip, lovecalc, random, 8ball, and 4 more!

🖨️ General: permissons, minimize, setafk, translate, remindme, hastebin, fortnite, minecraft and 14 more!

🖼 Images: brazzers, burn, challenger, captcha, fire, jail, dictator and 15 more!

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