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Do you like RPG or even Terraria? here we bring it to the game discord bot.

TeraRPG is which based to Terraria Game that we implement into discord game bot which is very interesting to spend time with friends. You can fish, mine, or explore the zone and beat monsters to level up and get gold. There is also many more challenging things to come.

Challenge your self and surpass the top ranked on the leaderboard.

TeraRPG available commands list

STATUS profile, tools, workspace, backpack, cooldown, ready, armory, zone, booster, ranks

GRINDING explore, fish, heal, dungeon <@player>, mine expedition [me]

WORKING chop, mine

CRAFTING craft <item_name>, craft list, upgrade <pickaxe>, upgrade list,reforge info <1/2>

ECONOMY market, shop, deposit, withdraw, bank, buy <item_name>, sell <item_name>, open <crate> <amount>, trade

MINI GAMES cf <h/t> <amount>, lottery, junken <@player>

REWARDS vote, daily, weekly

UTILITY ping, invite, report, suggest

Some of the commands can be seen on tera help, or use tera suggest <your suggest> if you have ideas to implement.

Join to our support server for more detail Official TeraRPG Support Server

Note : Several icon used in game is belongs to Terraria Games @Re-Logic

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