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A multipurpose discord bot which has tons of features, with good uptime, fast respond time and more!


Bizon is a multifunction discord bot that has many features.

What do Bizon provides/Why choose Bizon?

What are the features?


Support Server




Q: Why do the use didn't get unmuted after the specific time? A: Maybe you didn't provide the correct time format or the bot get restarted due to error


Q: Do Bizon have slash commands? A: YES! More will be added soon.


Q: Bizon music is not working... A: Lavalink server is dead


Q: Bizon went offline for several hours. PANIK!!! A: Normally, Bizon will went back online after 5 minutes. If Bizon didn't went online after 5 minutes, it could be caused by code errors or rate limited. Host issue could be the issue as well


Q: Add more features! A: <prefix>suggest <suggestion>. How hard? Your suggestion will be send to the owner instantly. Review will be sent to your IF YOUR DMs IS OPEN


Q: My friend cheated or broke the bot with bugs! A: <prefix>report. Using this command, the bot will ask you several questions, just answer them in the chat. You will be suggested providing proofs. If no proofs provided, maybe no action will be taken.


Q: There is BUGS, how could I contact the owner? A: FAQ #6, but the owner will test the issue himself and review it

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