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John Locke

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Focused and powerful bot to detect and counter raids, with powerful tuning while maintaining high u

Comprehensive and Powerful Protection

Begonebot helps protect your server against mass raiders who join and then spam dms. It is built to do one job, and to do it excellently, for everyone. This means that it isn't and never will be a general purpose moderation bot - there are many of those already anyway.

Some interesting features include

Emphasis has been placed throughout the bot to make it easy to use while remaining highly configurable.

Automatic Antiraid

Automatic raid detection Panic mode is automatically triggered when a configurable amount of users join in a time period During panic mode: - server verification level will be turned to Highest (verified phone required to join) - if you wish, any member joining can be dmed an explanation and kicked or banned or muted or whatever you want


Logging channel is configurable You can set a role to be automatically pinged when a raid is detected Permissions are supported through the bot - you can name a role that is allowed to edit the settings, and one that can trigger the panic mode


The bot can automatically take action (kick, ban, mute, or whatnot) newly joining members that match any of several blacklists. These blacklists match a user's: * username, with simple matching * username, matching a regex * avatar


BegoneBot is built in the Rust programming language with the Serenity library. It's open source, right here on github.

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