Omniverse 3 [Gold]#1199

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- 65 Filters | 200 Radios | No Premium | 7 Different Modules | And much more beyond your expectation

Omniverse Music

The only bot the world is looking for!

Hello, Have you ever heard a music bot with 65 Filters, 50+ FM Radio Stations,200+ Radio Stations? The answer is NOPE! Don't Worry, My friend! You came at right page!

I am Omniverse, A Discord Music Bot developed by Omniverse Development

Im a music bot that came up with awesome abilities! Here is a list of them:

Filters supported by Omniverse:

Chorus Filters: chorus, chorus2d, chorus3d

Equalizers: crystallizer, equalizer, fine, firelizer, nequalizer, normalizer, superequalizer

Echo Filters: concert, delay, dice, echo, indoor, looper, metal, multiply, robotic, rock, stage, vibrato

Dynamic Filters: 3D, 8D, bassboost, contrast, nightcore, pulsator, reverse, subboost, surrounding, vaporwave woofer.

Other Filters: anti-noisy, cleaner, compressor, contrast, crusher, cue, derivative, earwax, explosion, flanger, gate, haas, indoor, integral, karaoke, limiter, live, mcompand, mstlr, mono, multiply, pass, phaser, pitch, pole, sign, softlimiter, speed, treble, tremolo, wide

Exclusive Commands

General Commands: - Clear-queue - Clear the song queue. - Disconnect - Disconnect the bot from VC. - Join - Make the bot join Voice or Stage Channel.

Bot will become speaker in stage channel if it have permissions.

Utilities: - back - Play the previous song/last skipped song in the queue. - fm - Play one of the 72 FMs directly in your voice channel! - forward - Forward the song by 10 seconds. - radio - Play one of the 150 Live Radios directly in the Voice or Stage Channel! - replay - Play the current song from start! - rewind - Rewind the song by 10 Seconds. - save - Save the song that is being played currently. - savequeue - Save the queue that is currently being played. - skipto - Skip/jump to specific song in the queue.-volume- Set the volume of current song from1-1000%`

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