Utiler Bot#1121

Logging Utility
Added: March 10, 2023, 10:42 p.m. (2 weeks, 6 days ago) Shards: 0 Prefix: / Votes: 1 Library: discord.js

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Utilerbot is a versatile Discord bot with custom commands, a welcome system, and premium features, a


Utilerbot is a powerful Discord bot that utilizes slash commands. With custom commands, message variables, and automatic role assignment, it's a great tool for streamlining your server's operations and enhancing the user experience.

To use /setup create you must have admin perms to see the command.

Features and Commands

Some of the specific features and commands that Utilerbot offers include:

Overall, Utilerbot is an excellent Discord bot that can help you manage your server more efficiently and create a more engaging experience for your users.

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