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YourManager is a esports focused discord bot. It was created with a reason to help esports servers.


Useful links

Support server | Invite YourManager | Video tutorial | Website

What is YourManager?

YourManager is a esports focused discord bot. It was created with a reason to help esports related servers. YourManager can start registration, check tags, register teams, close the registration, give ID password role and create the slotlist. This is a boring and time consuming task and has to be done everyday and YourManager help you do this with just a single command. So if you are an owner or admin of an esports server, there should be no question, why you would this bot? So invite it today, much better invite it now.


• Scrims/Custom Manager

Setup a total of 5 customs with specific number of slots, no. of tags required, etc.

Reserve slots for invited teams.

Start registrations for a total of 5 custom.

Close registration for a total of 5 customs.

Change slot after a team cancels a slot.

Repost the slotlist again to the slotlist channel.

Automatically clean registration channel and remove ID password role once command is enabled.

Auto start registration on the given time.

Ban user from registering in your scrims using ban command

Configuration of the bot

Use the command {prefix}setup if you are running the setup in your server for the first time. You may follow this link for a tutorial. You have use emotes like ▶️ to move through the menu. Use that emote to change the page and react with the emotes cooresponding to a setting to change its value for example in page 2 react with 1️⃣ to change prefix.

Once setup is done you are ready to go. If you want to change values of the setup in future use {prefix}config to change.

Do not include {} while running a command and default prefix is .


We have limited resources to run the bot and running the bot with limited resources wouldn't last long so you join the premium plan of YourManager by donating just a little amount towards YourManager and getting a premium bot with a lot more features and a seperately displayed role in the server. I hope you would like to be a contributor towards this project and help run the basic as well as premium bot smoothly. Join our server today to know more about premium

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