Fun Game Meme Leveling Economy NSFW
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A Fun Bot With Economic Commands, Images Commands. Invite And See All Its Features, Great Support An

Per Server Economy, Custom Settings! New Updates Frequently

For Better UnderStanding Here Are The List Of Some Commands,

| List of some commands!


balance, base, beg, blackjack, camera, coinflip, daily, deposit, fish, gamble, hunt, leaderboard, mine, pay, postmeme, profile, search, setbio, more..


8ball, advice, catfacts

Memes/Images Manipulation

3000years, aceattorney, achievement, alert, approved, bartchalkboard, beautiful, bobross, caution, certificate, challenger, changemymind, youdied,more..


ban, createchannel, kick, purge, renameall,more...


affirmations, animefact, animequotes, choose, crypto, doomsday, historytoday, math, morse, moviequote, news, more...


animal, bird, business, car, space, weirdpic,more...

Server Settings

antispam, invitefilter, setprefix, setwelcome,more...


announce, chat, guilds,more...


ascii, avatar, botinfo, capturewebsite, feedback, invite, ipinfo, minecraftserver, ping, more...

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Known Bug : Welcome,Leave Messages Not Working (Under Fixing Will Be Updated Soon!)

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