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Divination made accessible! I provide in-depth meanings via Tarot, Runes, - plus horoscopes, & more!

July 12, 2021, 2:16 a.m.

BLACKLIST DECKS Users are now able to blacklist decks they don't like from appearing! Likewise, servers also have the ability to blacklist decks from their entire server.

Fave decks

Add decks to your 'favourites' list! This essentially allows you to curate a customised random set of decks to draw from. Great if you have a specific list of decks you like and only want to see those decks :)

ID: 46

~Asterie's Introduction~

@AsterieBot is primarily a divination-focused bot, specialising in providing in-depth meanings and explanations behind the cards, runes, and other divinatory systems it’s capable of. It doesn’t just pull, say, a tarot card - rather, it will pull a Tarot card and provide keywords, the card image (including possible reversals), and a description - enough to give you a healthy understanding. The bot has a wide variety of decks and multiple rune sets, as well as an 8-Ball command, hieroglyphic divination, daily horoscopes, astrology & tarot memes, & other misc commands.

I will always strive to add more decks (tarot, oracle, lenormand, etc), if possible more runic systems, and other divinatory systems (e.g hieroglyphic divination, ancient greek letter divination, i-ching, etc). This is a time consuming task but the bot is a long-term project that will be continually added to.


Some example card pulls using the 'random' feature (?tarot random), though you can call a specific deck directly as well (the bot also has Younger/Elder Futhark and Armanen and a continually-added to list of decks).

If you don't need the in-depthness, there's also a simplified output option with just the image + keywords (e.g ?tarot albano -noembed, in the pic I've set 'noembed' as my default setting already).

Key Features


Video Demonstration

Sample Commands

Command Name ([] = replace with answer) What it does
?8ball Simple command that outputs an answer from a Magic-8 Ball. There's also a more 'fun' sub-command ;)
?astrology [sign] Horoscopes!
?astromeme Astrology memes!
?cardsearch [deck] [cardname] Search for a specific card!
?choose [option 1], [option 2], [option 3] Asterie will pick one of your specified options for you
?compliment [@user] Compliment your fellow discorders!
?greekoracle A unique divination system based on greek letters.
?hieroglyphics A unique divination system based on Egyptian hieroglyphics
?joke Asterie's capable of giving out simple jokes :)
?runes [rune_set] This command is used for runic divination. You can either choose a rune set directly, or use random. You can also optionally pull up-to four runes.
?tarot [deck] This command is used for cartomancy with Tarot, lenormand, or oracle decks. It gives you various options on how many cards you wish to pull, what deck you wish to pull, or what type of random deck you want.
?tarotmeme Tarot memes!

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