Music Moderation Fun Game Meme Leveling
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HypeX is a multipurpose bot which has many fun, utility and moderation commands

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HypeX is a multipurpose discord bot trusted by over 40k members in 40+ servers and still growing!


Extra Informations

Games : HypeX has some cool games for your members to play, like: FastType, Snake, QuickClick, Fight and much more!

Music : Ever wanted to listen to some music? HypeX have music plugin with allow you to listen to any song on YouTube, Spotify or SoundCloud!

Levels : Yep! HypeX have levelling system with have cool rank command, you can enable or disable it and even set channel for levelup messages!

ChatBot : Wanted to talk with AI? Enable it, set channel and you are ready!

Invite HypeX and make your server *BETTER!* ~ HypeX Team

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