Music Moderation Logging Dashboard Utility
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High quality Music, Giveaways with requirements, Moderation, Levelling, Tickets, YouTube, antiraid,

Green bot


🧷 Links

A beautiful dashboard

Green-bot has its own dashboard which also offers many features!

🛡 Anti-raid

Powerful security features
A responsive team..
A configurable captcha..
Smart anti-spam.
And many others...

🎧 Music

Green-bot has a high quality music system
With unmatched audio quality..
Integration of youtube and spotify platforms.
Display of music lyrics.

✨ Utils

Regain control of your server.
Get information about a user in one command.
Check your server configuration quickly
Make sure you don't have any issues with your permissions.

🔨 Moderation

Moderate your server.
A self-role with validation of server rules.
Also find all the classic moderation..

⌛ Backups

Create full backups of your server.
Load it in 10s with a command
Manage your backups from the dashboard

Only the server owner can load backups

🎁 Giveaways

Create giveaways with requirements.
Giveaway's logs channel, Reroll and end the giveaways .
Messages & invites conditions


Simple setup. (from the dashboard with a command)
Advanced customization (embeds color, prefix..).
Multilangage (en/fr)

📉 Server stats

Get lots of graphs about your server activity.
The number of time spent in vocal
Number of messages sent etc.

🎂 Birthdays

Allow your users to define their birthdays
Send a message to a channel on the birthday of one of them!


1. How to invite the bot ?

  • To invite the bot, click on this link.
  • If you don't want to give the Administrator permission to green bot, just Send message and embeds links are enough

2. How to use the dashboard ?

  • To go on the dashboard, click on this link.
  • Click on the "Login" button.
  • You will be redirected. Click on accept
  • Select a guild in the list and start setup the bot !!

3. What is the premium ?

The premium of Green-bot is entierly free, you only have to upvote the bot via this link.

what the premium gives ?

- The bot will stay 24/7 in your channel when you play music
- More tickets panels
- More rewards role
- possibility to change the color of the embeds

4. The bot isn't responding to my commands

If you made a command and after 5 seconds you didn't get any reply, check that
1. The bot has the Send messages and Embed links permissions
2. Green-bot can wiew the current channel and send messages
If your problem isn't solved, please create a ticket in the support ser

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