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IntelligentZero Gamer Omega

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Set for your needs! Moderation | Utility | Economy | Music | Leveling | Tickets | Antilink | Custom


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Prefix: == (customizable) (Set upto three prefixes!)

Ozzy is a multipurpose bot. The bot incudes moderation, music, economy, antilink, leveling and utility. We try to balance all the commands, we care about all the commands and try to keep revamping them.

| Features

| Moderation

| Economy (BETA)

| Utility

| Music

| Levels

| Tickets

| Custom commands

| Antilink system

We are on a powerful VPS! Providing 99.99% uptime!

If you invite we advise to read the TOS to avoid getting blacklisted, Also to know what data we use and store read the privacypolicy with the privacypolicy command.

Providing easy-to-use tools to over 35 servers!

We have been quality tested and proven to be reliable.

The bot also gets updated frequently to add features, revamp commands, remove vulnerabilities or to fix bugs.

Ozzy development team includes: - Gamer Omega#1234 - Xenotic#0001

Ozzy - Manage your server with ease.

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