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A multi purpose discord bot that allows you to protect your discord server efficiently

This bot is a Heavy Coded, reliable, smooth, customizable prefix, automatic mod, utility bot, and it also can protect your discord server from any kind of spamming and bad behavior this bot always has tons of upcoming features every week, which always makes this bot gets better in functionality and performance. mainly I created geekerbot is to help people to manage their servers perfectly with auto-moderation.

snippet features

--> Auto Moderation
--> Anti spam (currently not working, we're still fixing it)
--> customize your own prefix
--> can scan all members nickaname if there's profanity nicknames and changes it
--> anti toxic
--> anti URL / LINKS
--> Stats of guild game activitiy
--> leveling System
--> searches up detail about your favorite movie
--> generate your own qrcode
--> fun commands and games
--> youtube integration
--> Youtube converter to mp3
--> Engineering's tools
100 more commands that I couldn't mention there because it's the best way to give a shot by yourself, and feel free to give me feedback!

written in python.

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