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A hangman bot. What more is there to say?

A hangman bot made for a hangman tournament!

tl/dr: command list


This bot provides a few Hangman commands (more to come!) and allows us to play hangman with our friends!

Wanna play a game? No problem! Use /play to start a single-player game!

Playing a single-player game

Wanna play a game but only know words that have 9 letters? No problem! Use /play 9 to start a game with 9 letters! (or replace 9 with any number above 5!)

Playing a single-player, word length-limited game

It's easy to guess a letter, just type it in chat!

Guessing letters

What about if you know the word already? We have /guess for that!

Guessing words

Oh yes, we also have a little feature that gives you some definitions and pronunciation! This feature is what allows us to broaden the vocabulary of our players!

But you mentioned multiplayer.. how is this multiplayer?

Good question! We have the /duel command which allows you to start a multiplayer game with someone!

Starting a multiplayer game

And your friend can accept by clicking the Accept button! The invite can be declined or cancelled, too.

Accepting a match

And when a player quits the match, they automatically forfeit the game:

Quitting which results in forfeiting

And if you want to play with people on other servers, you can! Just use /multi to start a multi-server match, or /join to join one!


- guess Guess the whole word - duel Starts a multi-player hangman game - multi Starts a multi-server hangman game - play Starts a single-player hangman game - quit Quits an existing game of hangman

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