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Multi-purpose bot with music, easy economy and much more!

Getting Started

The first step is to make sure Vibe is actually in your guild! You can invite Vibe to guilds you have Manage Server permissions on with this link.

What is Vibe's default prefix?

Vibe's default prefix is +, but can be changed using the [p]setprefix command.

When is Vibe Created?

Vibe was made 24th Jul 2020 !

Who made the bot?

The bot was made by TheCofi!


Vibe contains a lot of commands: 1. Love commands (ship)

  1. Economy (work, daily, weekly, slots),
  2. Fun commands (slap, trigger, avatar(av), wanted),
  3. Music commands (play, pause, resume...).

Discord Info

The bot has been verified by Discord, which means that it has a Tick and was made for good purposes. Vibe bot is on 310+ server at this moment.


We are here to help you if you have any problem! Join our disocrd server for support!

How can I add Vibe to my server?

You can invite Vibe to your server with this link!


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