Open Mind#2252

Moderation Fun Meme Leveling Economy Utility
Added: Sept. 12, 2020, 10:57 a.m. (7 months ago) Shards: 0 Prefix: m! Votes: 0 Library: discord.js

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All in one bot - The Better Tools to your staff meme giveaways -moderation role management and more

Open Mind

About Open Mind

Open Mind is a bot with a big brain,you have alot of bots in your server and you want to use just one with all the commands ? the Open Mind bot is your way, this bot is a mix of a meme, giveaway, economy ,leveling , moderation and role management bots it will help you a lot in your server.

this bot still in development you can send me your suggestions using feedback command.


• Panel
• Announce
• Avatar
• Say
• Autorole (@role/disable)
• Antiswear (enable/disable)
• Setwelcome/Setleave (enable/disable)
• Mute/Unmute(Tempmute)
• Warn/Warnings/Rest-Warnings
• lock/Unlock
• voice(Mute/Unmute)(Tempmute)
• Addrole/Removerle
• Slowmode
• Leveling(enable/disable)
• Leveling (channel)
• Credit/daily
• tictactoe
• Profile
• Announce
• Meme
• Weather
• Snipe
• Giveaway!/Rerole
• Kick
• Ban/Unban
• Serverinfo/Userinfo
• Setprefix
• Clear
• And more you see all commands with m!help

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