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Music Bot • Slash Commands • DJ Mode • Audio Filters • Supports YouTube, Spotify, SoundCloud Links

Jey - Playing the music you love

Quick start guide:

To listen to music, join a voice channel then send /play song: bad habits Ed Sheeran You can use song name, song url or playlist url. Type /help for all available commands.

This bot supports Slash (/) Commands only. Make sure the bot has proper permissions.

Supported Streaming Platforms

YouTube, SoundCloud, Spotify, Bandcamp, Deezer, Tidal, Vimeo, Reverbnation, Twitch, Facebook and Discord attachment links also

Music Commands

autoplay: Toogles to autoplay recommend songs after queue end.

back: Backs to the previous song

clearqueue: Clears the current queue.

filter: Show the current applied filter.

forward <mm:ss>: Seeks forward in the current song by a duration.

jump <songIndex>: Jump to a specific track in the queue.

loop mode: Shows current set loop mode.

loop queue: Loop the queue.

loop track: Repeat the currently playing song.

loop off: Turn looping off.

lyrics <song name>: Get lyrics for a song.

move <from> [to]: Move the selected song to the provided position in the queue

np: Shows the currently playing song.

pause: Pauses the current playing song.

play <song url/name>: Play a song or playlist from url or name

play <song url/name> --next: Enqueue the provided song next(top) in the queue.

play <song url/name> --skip: Skips the current and plays the provided song instantly.

play <playlist url> --shuffle: Shuffle the playlist and add to the queue.

queue: Shows the queue (page 1).

queue <pageNumber>: Show a specific page of the queue.

remove <trackIndex>: Removes tracks from the queue

remove <start> <end>: Removes a range of tracks from the queue.

replay: Replays the current song.

resume: Resumes the current paused song.

rewind <mm:ss>: Rewinds the current song by a duration.

search <song name>: Search by a song name and choose to play

seek <mm:ss>: Seeks to a specific position in the current song.

shuffle: Shuffles the queue.

shuffle reverse: Reverse suffles the queue.

skip: Skips the current song

skip <amount>: Skips that amount of songs.

songinfo <songIndex>: Shows details of a specific song.

stop: Stops the playback.

volume [1-200]: Change or check the current playback volume

youtube: Starts a youtube watch together session.

All Audio Filters

bassboost <level(off|low|medium|high|extreme|earrape)>: Sets the bassboost filter

clearfilter: Clears and reset applied filter.

nightcore: Apply the nightcore filter.

pitch <level(off|low|medium|high)>: Sets the pitch level

speed <0.5x-4x>: Sets the playback speed

Others Filters 8d, bassboost, classical, clearfilter, electronic, kakaoke, nightcore, pitch, pop, rock, soft, speed, treblebass, tremolo, vaporwave, vibrato

Utility Commands

botinfo: Shows info about the bot

help: Shows the commands menu

help <command>: Shows detailed info about that command

invite: Get the bot’s invite link

ping: show the bot response speed

support: Get the support server link

uptime: Returns the uptime of the bot

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