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Moderation Fun Meme Economy Utility NSFW
Added: March 10, 2021, 7:19 p.m. (4 months, 3 weeks ago) Servers: 275 Shards: 0 Prefix: pp! Votes: 1 Library: Eris
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pp God is a multi-purpose bot made to bring some fun to your server. Also features snipe, moderation

pp God

pp God is a bot i made for fun that can do a bunch of things

Prefixes: @pp Godpp! (Customizable)

@pp God help or pp!help for the command list


(Use @pp God help or pp!help for an up-to-date version)


help • List all of my commands or info about a specific command.

invite • Gets the bot invite and other useful links

ping • Gets the bot's ping.

report • report bug things here

privacy • Get our privacy policy

suggest • Suggest things here

vote • Get the link to vote


premiumsuggest • Suggest something directly to the devs


8ball • Ask the magic 8ball a question

cat • Gets a random picture of a cat.

coinflip • Does a coin flip

dice • Does a dice roll

dog • Gets a random picture of a dog.

editsnipe • Snipes an edited message

say • Says a user defined message, can even inpersonate people!

snipe • Snipes a deleted message


blm • Gets a user's pfp and edits it. (subsection of Icon command)

eject • Ejects a user and sees if they are imposter

fistbump • Fistbump someone

gay • Gets a user's pfp and edits it. (subsection of Icon command)

howgay • Get how gay someone is.

icon • Gets a user`s pfp and edits it with a nice button controlled menu.

kill • Kill someone

ppsize • Get someones pp size

revive • Revive someone


config • Change the guild settings

kick • Kick a user

nick • Change someone's nickname

prefix • Set the bot prefix for this guild

purge • Purge messages up to 2 weeks old

userpurge • Purge messages up to 2 weeks old from a specific user

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