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This bot is made to keep a good attitude on your server and refuse any bad behavior.

Aloha, there. I'd like to welcome you to the official quick resource for the discord bot Attitude.

A few of those links you will probably find useful:
- Attitude's Website:
- Invite Attitude:
- Discord Server:
- Documentation:

#1 - Checking your permissions

In order to add Attitude to your discord server, please make sure that you have either "ADMINISTRATOR" or "MANAGE_GUILD" permissions on that specific server that you are willing to add Attitude to, otherwise, Attitude may not have the complete permissions when it comes to specific features in the bot, such as logging and moderation. Afterward, you can head to this link here to invite Attitude.

#2 - Select your server

The link above will take you to an authorization page where you will be able to select your specific server to add Attitude to. Although, before doing that, make sure that the invite link has the "Create commands in a server" permission enabled for slash commands to function on the server. Once you have checked that, select the server you would like to add Attitude to and click Continue.

#3 - Grant Attitude its permissions

The next page will take you through a series of permissions to grant Attitude. With that, we have selected the needed permissions that we require you to grant Attitude for its commands to fully function. If you believe that some commands are not functioning due to the bot missing some needed permissions, we hope you could report this to us by joining our Discord Server so we could update our invite link.

Important: Please do yourself a favor and grant Attitude administrator permissions to get the best experience out of us.

#4 - Authorize Attitude

Once you finish granting Attitude the needed permissions, you can go ahead and authorize Attitude and complete the captcha, and you are good to go.

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