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Kibzix is a multipurpose bot! It knows 100+ commands! It is safe and easy to use!


Kibzix is a multipurpose bot!
It knows 100+ commands including mod, fun, stats, info and cool games, you can play with him! It is safe and easy to use! It is in 220+ servers.

/help Info: Show list of commands
/bot Info: Get info about Kibzix
/invite Info: Invite Kibzix
/setup Info: Set up Kibzix, so it works perfect
/pptos Info: Show privacy policy and terms of use of Kibzix
/badges (@member) Info: Show user badges
/passport (@member) Info: Show user stats
/pfp (@member) Info: Show user profile picture
/server Info: Show server stats
/clear Info: Clear messages
/slowmode (seconds) (#channel) Info: Change slowmode of the channel
/mute (@member) Info: Mute a member
/unmute (@member) Info: Unmute a member
/kick (@member) Info: Kick a member
/ban (@member) Info: Ban a member
/vote (smth) Info: Vote for something
/fight (@member) Info: Fight somebody
/rr (@member) Info: Play "russian roulette" game with somebody
/coin Info: Play "coin flip" game with Kibzix
/mm (level) Info: Play "mastermind" game
/num Info: Play "guess number" game with Kibzix
/rps Info: Play "rock, paper, scissors" game with Kibzix
/aww Info: Get a random animal picture
/meme Info: Get a random meme
/fact Info: Get a random fact
/joke Info: Get a random joke
/gay (@member) Info: Check somebody's orientation
/hack (@member) Info: Hack somebody
/iq (@member) Info: Calculate somebody's IQ
/love (@member) Info: Check your love with somebody
/simp (@member) Info: Check somebody's simp rate
/bbrain (@member) Info: Turn somebody into Enstein
/drake (@member) (@member) Info: Drake somebody with somebody
/patriot (@member) Info: Turn somebody into a patriot
/quote (@member) Info: Generate a random quote with a member as an author
/ricardo (@member) Info: Turn somebody into Ricardo Milos
/sbrain (@member) Info: Turn somebody into a dumb
/stonks (@member) Info: Turn somebody into a businessman
/thicc (@member) Info: Show somebody's THICCNESS
/trash (@member) Info: Throw somebody into a bin
/ask (smth) Info: Ask Kibzix something
/say (smth) Info: Make Kibzix say smth
/cake (@member) Info: Throw a cake at somebody
/fireball (@member) Info: Fireball somebody
/heal (@member) Info: Heal somebody
/hug (@member) Info: Hug somebody
/respect (@member) Info: Respect somebody
/slap (@member) Info: Slap somebody
/uv (@member) Info: Upvote somebody
/dv (@member) Info: Downvote somebody
/angry (@member) Info: Put an angry filter on somebody
/happy (@member) Info: Put a happy filter on somebody
/hot (@member) Info: Make somebody be simped
/rich (@member) Info: Put a rich filter on somebody
/sad (@member) Info: Put a sad filter on somebody
/spoil (smth) Info: Put a spoil filter on a message
/math (equation) Info: Make Kibzix solve a basic expression.
/weather (city) Info: Show weather in a city
/join Info: Make Kibzix join voice channel
/leave Info: Make Kibzix leave voice channel
support & links
/contact Info: Send a message to the owner of Kibzix
/credits Info: Read credits
/joinus Info: Join our server
/support Info: In case you have problems
/voteme Info: Vote Kibzix
/voteus Info: Vote Kibizoffs server
/kibizoffs Info: Show Kibizoffs site
/kibzix Info: Show Kibzix page on the site
There are secret troll commands (but you must find them first ;D)!

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