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A multipurpose bot to help you with moderation, provide fun and other


Dredd is a multipurpose Discord bot that is aiming to become one of the best non-premium bots. It will bring joy to your members, security to your server and much more!

Features it has:

Feature it's soon to have:

Starting guide:

Command List

You can access the command list by executing help command

You can also use the reactions to navigate through categories


You can enable logging by executing togglelog command and providing a channel after option. Once you do that, bot will start logging whatever you choose to your chosen channel To disable logging, you execute the same command but without any arguments after option


You can enable automod by executing toggleautomod command and then using punishment command to choose what automod should look out for.

Online Status Logging

If you want to get your online status logged, you'll first need to opt-in, after that bot will start logging your online statuses. Same command is used to opt-out.

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