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System bot with Dashboard and amazing welcomer , commands easy to use !

help - Help List.

profile - View your or someone customizable personal global profile card.

user - shows info, such as id and join date, about yourself or a user.

avatar - Get the user's avatar.

server - Shows information about the server.

title - Add title to your profile.

daily - Get your daily salary.

rep - Give someone a rep point. It can only be used once every 24 hours.

credits - It shows your balance or someone's balance.

ping - Bot response time test.

ban - User ban.

unban (ID/all) - Removing the ban for a member or for all.

kick - Member expelled.

mute - Mute a member from text channels so they cannot type.

unmute- Unmutes a member.

clear - Clean chat messages.

lock - Disables @everyone from sending messages in specific channel.

unlock - Removes denied sending meg from @everyone in specific channel.

roles - Get a list of server roles and member counts.

role - Add/Remove role to member.

roleinfo - Info about the ranks with the names of those present in it.

hide - Disables @everyone from show messages in specific channel.

show - Enable @everyone from show messages in specific channel.

invite - Giving you an invitation to the bot to add it to your server.

colors - See all the colors in the server currently.

color (Number) - To take any color Tbbe during this order.

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