Hill Climb Racing 2#2297

Moderation Fun Game Economy Utility
Added: June 25, 2020, midnight (1 year, 3 months ago) Shards: 0 Prefix: * Votes: 7 Library: discord.js

Invite Bot Support Server
hcr2 special commands , moderation , fun , wiki commands , reputation system and more....


Prefix : *
Main Special Commands
invitation-links : It'll show the list of invitation links of members from teams/clans
teams : It'll display page for next information
application : It'll show help page for team application
submit : It'll sumbit your challenge for review
challenge: It'll give you random challenge to play , Enjoy!
bump : It'll promote your server in one of the big hcr2 server ,
cough cough Private Servers , don't use this command
Moderation Commands
mute [mention user] or [UserID] [reason]
unmute [mention user] or [UserID] [reason]
ban [mention user] or [UserID] [reason]
unban [UserID] [reason]
kick [mention user] or [userID] [reason]
clear [amount of messages]
changenick [mention user] or [UserID] [new nickname]
Fun Commands
8ball [your question] : It'll return random responces
catfacts : It'll return random cat facts with cute cat images
dogfacts : It'll return random dog facts with cute dog images
Economy Commands
work : Collect Coins and take first place on the Global Coins Leaderboard
daily : Collect Daily Coins
weekly : Collect Weekly Coins
balance or balance [mention user] : See Own or another user's balance
leaderboard : It'll display Global Coins Leaderboard
deposit [amount] : Deposit your coins to the Bank
withdraw [amount] : withdraw your coins from the Bank
Info Commands
serverinfo : It'll display information of your server
avatar or avatar [mention user] : It'll return your or mentioned user's profile image
ping : It'll display bot's ping
uptime : It'll display uptime of the bot
copyright , terms , disclaimer
Bot Functional Commands
suggest [your suggestion] : It'll send your suggestion to the developer
emote [name of emoji] : It'll return image of emoji
nitroemote [name of emoji] : It'll return gif form of emoji
addEmoji [url of an emoji] [name of an emoji] : It'll add emoji to the server

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