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Discord bot easy to use in your server Music / Mod / Fun / Games !

Admin Commands

?lock: to close the chat

?unlock: to open the chat

?mute: to give someone mute

?unmute: to give someone un mute

?ban: to ban someone from your server

?kick: to kick someone from your server

?clear [number]: to clear chat messages

General Commands

?ping: Ping Bot

?server: server informations

?botinfo: some informations about bot

?avatar server: to see server avatar

?avatar or ?avatar @user: to see your avatar or anyone

?user or ?user @user: informations about you or anyone

Music Commands

?play [p]: Play Song By Url

?pause: Pause Song

?resume: Resume Song

?skip: Skip Song

?volume [v]:Change Volume

?np: What Song Is Playing?

?repeat [re]: Repeat Song

Games Commands

?xo @user: to play xo game with your friend

Fun Commands

?kiss @user: to kiss anyone

?hug @user: to hug anyone

?love @user: to love anyone

?slap @user: to slap anyone

?miss @user: to miss anyone

?boom @user: to make someone embarrassing

?sad or ?sad @user: if you sad from someone

#And more commands..# Thanks For Reading ! 😇

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