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Get automatic weather feed in your server's text channel along with embed containing brief info abou


🌞 Hi I am Helios.

I am an easy-to-use discord weather bot. I fetch data from OpenWeatherMap API and then generate a Weather card based on that data and display it to the user through a discord embed.

❓ How to use the bot.

🔧 First time setup. (Required)

Make sure while inviting the bot you had given the bot the access to all the required permissions it was asking. Without them the bot will not work. They are also required for sending automatic weather feeds. Helios supports prefix !w but only help command (!whelp) works for now. It is recommended to use the slash-commands since only they will be updated in future.

🤖 Configure the bot to send weather automatically to a particular channel in your server. (Optional)

Tired of typing `/weather` command repeatedly to get weather? Want the bot to send you updated weather information automatically in a particular text channel of your server? Yes you can do that by running the following command.


Field 1 : your city / town name Fiedl 2 : units you want your weather in. Field 3 : the text channel you want the weather info to be sent in.

This will send a confirmation message in that particular channel. Wait for around 25-30 minutes, the bot will automatically start sending weather updates (basically it will edit the existing message with the weather data, so please don't delete that message 🤓). The bot will automatically update weather data after every 30 minutes.

#️⃣ Use your own API_KEY. (Optional)

Using your own API_KEY can give you the freedom of using the weather command for almost unlimited times (1,000,000 times per month).

🟢 General usage.

After completing the setup run the following slash command to get weather. /weather

🗨 Other commands.

List of all commands supported by the bot can be obtained by running the following slash command.


Bot Demo Screenshot.

/weather demo

automatic weather feed demo

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